Why Faux Flowers Are a Sustainable Choice for Wedding Decorations

November 27th, 2023
Why Faux Flowers Are a Sustainable Choice for Wedding Decorations

Searching for beautiful flowers that never wilt? There's a blossoming trend that's catching the fancy of eco-conscious couples, and it's all about faux flowers. 

Stick with us to learn why faux can be fabulous, especially when it comes to your big day.

No Sacrifice on Style or Choice

Going green with your wedding decor doesn't mean compromising on style. With limitless customization options, they often offer more possibilities than natural flowers.

A Touch of Eco-Friendly Elegance

Faux flowers are the poster child for sustainability—they require no water, or pesticides, and leave behind zero carbon footprints from international transportation. 

Curate Allergen-Free Environments

Faux florals don't trigger sneezes or cause teary eyes. Whether it’s an aisle lined with eternal roses or a centerpiece of ever-blooming peonies, faux flowers curate allergen-free environments that mirror your vision—down to the last petal. 

Carry a Piece of Your Wedding Day Forever

While natural blooms fade within days, faux flowers stand the test of time and can stay with you throughout your marriage. Besides providing a lasting memory, it also serves as a symbol of your strong and never-ending love.

Faux florals aren’t just beautiful—they're versatile enough for every celebration and theme under the sun. While nature has often played a central role in weddings, the faux trend is here to stay and offers incredible eco-friendly benefits.

At Pieces Events & Decor, we blend style with eco-conscious sensibility and sprightly customer service to achieve phenomenal results. Every bash should leave a lasting impression on hearts, not the planet.

Let's make the most out of every milestone and event by celebrating it to the fullest! Our Vancouver-based décor and faux floral business specializes in enhancing your milestone and event with that extra piece of special touch.

Allow us to be the special piece to your milestone or event and help you create memories that last a lifetime!