Tips for Selecting and Arranging Artificial Flowers for Wedding Events

February 26th, 2024
Tips for Selecting and Arranging Artificial Flowers for Wedding Events

If you're planning a wedding, you're likely to look at all the options available to you when it comes to decor. And while real flowers are timeless, one consideration that's seen an uptick in popularity in recent years is faux flowers. Yes, that's right – artificial flowers.

Today's faux flowers are far from the faux pas they once were. They're available in countless varieties, from roses and lilies to unique succulents and rare orchids. They're crafted with meticulous detail to look as realistic as possible and can fool even the most discerning of guests.

But just like real flowers, faux flowers come in various designs, materials, and prices. So how do you choose the best ones for your wedding? It's simple, just follow these 4 tips.

Tips for Selecting Artificial Flowers

Navigating the world of faux flowers can seem daunting, and knowing what to look for can make the difference between artificial blooms that fall flat and those that pop with vibrant life, mirroring the beauty of their natural counterparts.

1. Prioritize Realism and Quality:

When choosing artificial flowers for a wedding event, it's crucial to seek blooms that closely mimic the real thing, as quality reigns supreme when it comes to selecting faux flowers. 

Silk flowers are often considered the crème de la crème due to their soft, lifelike texture and detailed construction. Meanwhile, latex and vinyl are other durable, high-grade materials that can mimic the intricacies of real petals.

Remember, photographs will pick up on the finer details of your selections, so invest in florals that have a natural appearance. To do this, think about how the petals fold or how the leaves vary in color from one to another. This authenticity can elevate the overall elegance of your event.

2. Theme and Color Coordination

Another crucial aspect of selecting the right faux flowers is choosing a perfect color palette. 

If the event has a romantic garden setting, consider soft pastel hues with lush greenery. For a more modern aesthetic, opt for bold colors with sleek stems to create an impactful statement. 

Also, consider seasonal availability patterns when selecting faux flowers to help maintain a sense of occasion. For instance, faux peonies are perfect for spring-themed weddings, while poinsettias may suit winter celebrations.

With that said, don't shy away from experimenting. While general seasonal trends are a helpful guideline, remember, it's your wedding. If you want to break the rules, why not?

Tips for Arranging Artificial Flowers

How you arrange your flowers on your wedding day is as important as the flowers you choose. 

1. Mimic Natural Bouquet Compositions

When arranging artificial flowers, infuse your composition with varying stem lengths and bend them gently to mimic how real flowers droop or reach for sunlight. 

We also suggest mixing different flower types, petal sizes, and colors to bring vividness to your decor. Additionally, make large, bloomy flowers your focal points, while smaller, complementary flowers fill the rest of the space, adding texture and depth. 

2. Secure and Structure Your Arrangements

Ensure your arrangements stay pristine throughout the event by securing stems properly within their vases or support structures by using floral foam or wire grids for stability. This step is critical for larger centerpieces that will be moved around or observed from various angles. 

Remember, faux flowers do not need water, which gives you the ability to secure them by wrapping stems with floral tape to maintain a polished look. 

Faux Flowers Can Create the Perfect Setting

Faux flowers offer a versatile and enduring solution for crafting the perfect wedding setting. With their ability to mimic fresh blooms flawlessly, they bring a dreamlike quality to any venue. 

And during a day that's busy and eventful, their consistency ensures the beauty of your floral arrangements remains untouched from the first vow to the last dance, creating an idyllic and picturesque backdrop for every snapshot and memory.

Let's make the most out of every milestone and event by celebrating it to the fullest! Our Vancouver-based décor and faux floral business specializes in enhancing your milestone and event with that extra piece of special touch.

Allow us to be the special piece to your milestone or event and help you create memories that last a lifetime!