Creating a Majestic Entrance to Your Wedding Venue with Faux Flower Archways

December 29th, 2023
Creating a Majestic Entrance to Your Wedding Venue with Faux Flower Archways

The moment your guests step into your wedding venue, they embark on a journey with you that begins with a single, breathtaking statement: the entrance. 

Therefore, an opulent flower archway is more than decor; it's a symbol of love, commitment, and new beginnings that set the stage and atmosphere for the entire event. These structures are placed at the front of the aisle, creating a mystical passage that leads the individuals to a sacred altar, where two lives become united. 

Beyond their aesthetic, floral archways have deep historical roots and cultural significance and are often seen as gateways to new beginnings and happiness in married life. 

Planning a Floral Archway for Your Event

Creating a stunning floral arch begins with envisioning the style and atmosphere you desire for your event. Consider the wedding theme, color palette, venue, and durability requirements. 

These design choices will greatly dictate the style of floral archway you have. The most critical decision though, is real vs faux flowers.

Real flowers offer natural beauty and an enchanting fragrance that many of us love. Unfortunately, real flowers can also wilt and require intricate care throughout the ceremony. Even with perfect treatment, petals can still fall off, and the archway can lose its luster.

Faux florals, on the other hand, provide unmatched versatility, and consistent quality, and can withstand various weather conditions. They stay perfect throughout the night and come in any shape or color that you want.

Ultimately, your choice between real and faux flowers will hinge on aesthetic preference, practicality, and budget considerations.

Faux Flower Archways Are Trendier Than Ever

Although breathtaking photos on Instagram or Pinterest present an image of real flowers, most ceremonies are opting for faux flowers.

Faux flowers have emerged as champions in the floral industry, especially for weddings, where every detail is meticulously planned for lasting impact. Unlike their fresh counterparts, they are unfazed by weather changes, and their resilience ensures your floral archway remains as luscious during the last dance as it was at the first light of day.

Economically speaking, faux blossoms can also be more affordable. The cost of fresh flowers hinges on seasonal availability and involves more specialized handling and transportation, leading to fluctuating prices.

Faux florals offer stable prices and abundance without compromise, allowing you to allocate valuable funds toward other essential aspects of your ceremony.

Design Possibilities Are Limitless With Faux Flowers

When creating and designing your wedding entrance, the versatility of faux flowers cannot be beaten. They defy seasons and regions, presenting you with a limitless canvas for creativity. 

With them, a couple might opt for a towering, lush archway imbued with rare orchids and out-of-season blooms without concern for wilting or availability. Another couple could embrace the fantasy of an ice-themed winter wonderland entrance, studded with crystal-dipped faux petals that will glisten all evening long.

Imagine an ombre archway that transitions from deep purples to soft lilacs, something almost impossible to achieve with real flowers. Or create an archway using exotic blooms not native to your locale, conjuring a tropical paradise anywhere in the world.

In essence, faux flowers invite daring concepts and cultivate creative beauty that matches the couple's specific style, taste, and lifestyle.

Examples of Faux Archway Bundles

When designing an unforgettable entrance, faux flower archway bundles can encapsulate your unique narrative. Some of our most popular wedding bundles include:

Golden Infinity Arch: Perfect for a couple that adores classic glamour, this archway serves as the focal point of a luxe ceremony with its intertwining metalwork and cascading faux florals in a palette of cream and blush to symbolize eternal romance.

8 Feet Wooden Arch: Ideal for rustic or bohemian-themed weddings, this sturdy wooden structure adorned with lush greenery and colorful faux blooms creates a natural and inviting entrance that effortlessly complements outdoor venues.

Asymmetrical Statement Arch: For the modern couple seeking a unique design twist, this arch offers an artful arrangement with sleek lines and asymmetrically placed flowers in bold colors—making a contemporary statement right at the venue’s entrance.

Timeless Elegance Bundle: A series of elegant pillars topped with sophisticated, white faux florals frame the aisle leading up to an understated yet opulent archway, exuding grace and tradition for the procession and vows.

Double Boho Arch: Two arches swathed in a combination of custom wildflowers and delicate drapery create an enchanting gateway perfect for a whimsical or fairy-tale-themed ceremony.

Create A Memorable Entryway With Faux Flowers

The essence of your wedding begins at its entryway, and an archway signifies more than mere decoration; it stands as a beautiful symbol of your perfection. By choosing faux-floral constructs for this pivotal piece, you intertwine traditional ideas with contemporary solutions.

We can help you envision an entrance so magical that it becomes an immortal part of your story. Through the use of faux flowers, we deliver the exact entrance you want to perfectly encapsulate your love.

Let's make the most out of every milestone and event by celebrating it to the fullest! Our Vancouver-based décor and faux floral business specializes in enhancing your milestone and event with that extra piece of special touch.

Allow us to be the special piece to your milestone or event and help you create memories that last a lifetime!